Who we are

We are a young startup called A-Project, ambitious, which has set goals, including the release of The Last Angel in the video game market. Society is growing and improving, every day there is always a diligent and detailed work, in the scrupulous search for news and developments.


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Chaos reigns in the city ... everything is destroyed. People seem to have disappeared, I woke up after I lost my senses, I do not remember anything other than my name, Aleksi. I was trying to understand what was happening and I started to look around. The clues brought me first into a perilous cave and then into hell, where I began to remember ... Satan is my father, he intends to threaten the Earth and kill me, do not ask me why. Now I'll have to prepare the final battle to save the Earth ... and me too .

Play’s infomation

Wearing the clothes of the young Aleksi, help him to investigate, flee and fight between truth and reality, hell and the real world. Fight to find the answers and make sense of this devastation, but watch out for Satan who will do everything to stop you and take possession of what he has always desired and feared. From the menu you can choose whether to start the fantastic story of Aleksi and accompany him to the fight against his father, or choose our demonic survival, a waves made at of demons, facing Boss monstrously strong, having limited resources available, take advantage of your skills to resist the longest and defeat the final Boss. Can you survive?


The Last Angel is a fantasy game set in a post apocalyptic era, a computer action indie. A shooter that includes firearms and special powers. Choose your style of play, you can play both in first person and in third person, enjoy the fantastic settings, sounds and dialogues of the protagonsti. Explore every inch of the map to find hidden coffers and get fantastic rewards to personalize your arsenal .


You can fight the demons with any firearm, a sub-machine gun, an assault rifle or simply with the gun, but it's not over here, because in The Last Angel there are also plasma weapons, an effective countermeasure for the most resistant demons . Have fun killing those damned monsters ... ah and do not be surprised if in the most difficult moments you will use extraordinary powers, on the other hand being the devil's son has its advantages. Unleash a powerful arsenal of fire against Satan and his hordes, unlocking weapons and stronger powers to adapt to any difficulty.